Why our lighting poles

Lifetime not less than 70 years.

Resistant to humidity.

Resistant to temperature extremes.

Certified Products

Unique sync system

Smartphone remote

Where to use

Lighting poles can be used in parks, roads, bridges. Used as festive illumination, safety lights and as part of arhitecture facade lighting.

What it contains

1. Pole

2-12 m. in height. Pole light - grey / white. Inner light - any color

2. Bracket

Single 1*1 m, 1,5*1,5 m, 2*2 m.
Double 1*1 m, 1,5*1,5 m, 2*2 m.

Lighting pole with bracket durung a day

3.Lighting remote system

  • Monochrome lighting - red, green, yellow, blue. Not remoting.
  • RGB Lighting. Remote system can operate scenarios.
    blinking, transfusion, "color wave", glow in one color, turning off.
  • We can create any custom scenarios for lighting poel.

4.Street LED Lights

Outside LED Lighting colored as pole color. IP67. From 20 to 660 wt. Any lens types (120°, 60°, 90°, 30°. 12°). Aluminium case. Samsung LED Brand.

LED lights for street lighting pole
LED lights for street lighting pole
LED lights for street lighting pole
Our RGB lighting poles in Novosibirsk.
One more example of our lighting poles lighting scenarios in Novosibirsk.
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