Растущий фито светильник
Composite poles
Composite lighting poles

Cheaper, safer, stronger that metal poles.

Color lighting
Color linear facade lighting

Monochrome or color LED lights for facade lighting.

Ceiling / high bay linear LED lights

Simple linear lights and various complex combinations (0° - 90° - 180°)

Any case color

Cases of all our LED Lights can be painted in any color according to the RAL catalog.

Railways LED lighting

LED lighting complexes for railways.
Short production time, best offers and prices.

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LED Lights - Spektra


Our products successfully used in: office and administrative buildings, retail space, streets, parks, parking lots, house adjoining areas, industrial premises, service stations, car washes, storage rooms and much more.

Outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Emergency lighting
Emergency lighting
Crosswalk lighting
Crosswalk lighting

By category

  • Street LED lights
  • High-bay LED lights
  • Office LED lights
  • Ceiling Linear LED lights
  • Road LED lights
  • Phyto LED lights
  • Emergency LED lights светильники
  • Railway LED lights Complexes
  • Facade LED lights
  • Dimmable LED lights

By mounting type

  • Console LED lights
  • Cieling LED lights
  • Armstrong LED lights
  • Bracing LED lights
  • Hang (rope) LED lights
  • Magnet LED lights

By voltage

  • Low voltage LED lights
  • 12 V LED lights
  • 24 V LED lights
  • 36 V LED lights
  • 220 V LED lights

By series

  • Spektr Park
  • Spektr Prom
  • Spektr Dom
  • Spektr Office
  • Spektr Torg
  • Spektr Magistral
  • Spektr AZS
  • Spektr Phyto
  • Spektr Magnit
  • Spektr SOKr
  • Spektr Facade

Why our LED lights

Constant growth

We are constantly trying to develop our product and are looking for new areas of use for our LED lights.

In stock

Popular positions always in stock

Special orders

We could make LED lights according to the technical specifications of the customer (even small batches).


Thanks to reliable components and strict quality control, the failure rate is not more than 0.04%.


Prices for our products are among the lowest in Russia

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